The Web Browser Mystery – Why Do People Continue to Drive a Lada When They Could Drive a Ferrari?

If someone came up to you in the street and offered you the keys to a Ferrari free of charge, what would you say? Would you refuse out of loyalty to your current car manufacturer – or out of fear?

It’s not even a question that’s up for debate really is it – however, in the world of the internet, specifically windows PC / laptop users, it really is that simple…

People can download Firefox and Google Chrome completely free of charge – yet they continue to use Internet Explorer to surf the internet.

In case you haven’t worked it out yet Internet Explorer is the Lada and the other 2 are Ferrari’s.

So, the big question – why is this?

The simple fact of the matter is the majority of internet users still don’t know that Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc exists and many who have heard the names don’t actually know what they are. Even worse, many internet users wouldn’t know what a web browser is, let alone that they have a choice of them.

Most people’s response is “well I log onto my computer then press the ‘blue e’ to go to the internet.”

Plain English

Well… it’s time to educate the masses! It’s time to shout from the rooftops that “The ‘blue e’ is a Web Browser called Internet Explorer”, to be followed by “Internet Explorer is awful” and finally “Guess what, you can get much better Web Browsers that take 20 seconds to download, are free to obtain and will improve your internet experience immeasurably. You will see websites in all their glory as they were meant to be.”

So there, the message is clear – spread it to the masses!

Technical talk to back this up

Back in 2010 a set of web standards (called HTML5) was finally agreed and embraced by the following ‘Modern Browsers’: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari (although this is not to be used on Windows), plus a few more. These would allow standards to move forward from the wishy-washy world of Web 2.0 and to put things on a more level playing field across the board. The full functionality of CSS3 would be available to everyone and boundaries could finally be pushed, what once took bundles of javascript coding could now be done with a few lines of CSS3.

We are now nearing the end of 2012 and not that long into a new release of Internet Explorer (version 9), yet Internet Explorer 9 with all it’s fancy advertising campaign and bold statements of greatness still hasn’t embraced the majority of HTML5 specifications over 2 years since their inception.

Is ‘IE9’ a modern browser? It most definitely is not. Finally we are hearing the news that Internet Explorer 10 is shaping up to be the first truly modern browser in the Internet Explorer series – well it’s about time.

Technical talk over with

Take our advice and don’t hang about Windows PC users – get yourself a modern browser and see just how much better the web can be! Links below, our gift to you

Download Firefox

Download Chrome