Google Body Browser Explores Bag of Bones

Google is staying on the forefront of technology and has taken another step into the right direction. Just like affiliate marketing boomed onto the scene giving digital marketing a face lift, Google has launched Google Body Browser to reinvent the way we learn about the human anatomy. It lets you navigate and zoom across the body in the same way Google Maps and Google Earth has explored our planet.

Students and educators can now find ease of education in the 3D female model made to stimulate any curious mind. Google Body Browser uses a brand new Internet technology called WebGL. WebGL provides complex 3D graphics to be implemented right into a web browser, all without the use of plug-ins. The WebGL standard is managed by the Khronos Group, a non-profit consortium, whose WebGL working group includes Apple, Google, Mozilla and also Opera. Although WebGL is still a work in progress Google Body Browser is evidence of its technological leap.

The Google Body Browser layer tool lets you peel away layers and explore every nook and cranny of the human body. Of course no Google product will be complete without search functionality. You can type in any body part and the it will zoom into that part for you to get more knowledgeable. The URL adjusts as you zoom and view different body parts, making it easy to share or save. Google Body Browser will soon add some testosterone to the product and launch a male model to the application as well.